About This Website

This webpage provides information about the pond warden scheme, the role of Pond Wardens and what I hope to do for the community as Stanhope Pond Warden.  I have included facts about the variety and importance of pond and the different types of wildlife they support.  Links to useful websites about pond conservation and pond wildlife are also provided.


Did You Know?  

Over 1 million (75%) of British ponds have been lost in the past 100 years and 9,000 ponds disappear from Britain every year.  The Pond Warden Scheme was set up by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) in 1999 to help combat this decline.  To learn more about the BTCV click here.  


Why Are Ponds Important?

Many species rely on ponds as homes, places to breed, or  sources of prey.  Dragonflies, mayflies, newts, frogs, toads spend important stages of their life in ponds.  Birds will drink and bathe in pond water.  Mammals such as voles, bats or even deer feed or drink from ponds.  Studies show that ponds hold more invertebrate and rare species than rivers.  Ponds are important for people too, for childhood experiences, nature education or garden features.  Frogs and toads provide natural pest control by eating slugs and snails. CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were known to sit together by a quiet hidden pond to dream up their magical worlds. 


     Dragonfly                             Pond Snail                        Common Frog