Useful links


 British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV): this national charity was set up in 1959.  BTCV deals with hands-on conservation volunteering in the UK and worldwide and was responsible for setting up the Tree and Pond Warden Schemes.


 Pond Conservation: this is a national charity dedicated to protecting our freshwater wildlife and habitats.  They have produced a booklet called ‘Creating Garden Ponds for Wildlife’ which is free and can be downloaded from their website along with lots of other great resources.


   Kent Reptiles and Amphibians Group (KRAG): this is the Kent branch to the       

    national Amphibian and Reptiles Organisation.  This charity promotes conservation of    

    amphibians and reptiles in Kent and can help with identifying species found.  They provide

    lots of factsheets and have volunteering projects you can get involved with.  



 Clip art on this website was taken from the websites below to be used for education purposes only.  References and links are also provided to sources of information used on this website. this website provides lots of great information on many different science subjects and was the source of most animal clipart on this website.


  Dragonfly Site: this website gives information on dragonflies, along with 25 free clip art images and dragonfly images to print and colour in.  It was also the source of the dragonfly clipart on this website.