What Pond Wardens Do

  Pond Wardens work within their local area to try and raise awareness of the value and decline of ponds.  We can survey and give advice on ponds, introduce maintenance schemes or identify locations for new ponds.  We will also link with schools and community groups, help with grant applications and talk to pond interest groups and landowners.   


 Stanhope Pond Warden

  As Pond Warden for Stanhope I am trying to map any ponds in this area.  This includes ponds in gardens, on school grounds, or any other public or commercial property within Stanhope.  If you are aware of any ponds in this area please let me contact me on the details below so I can include them in my records.  My first task is to create a record of ponds in this area, their uses and the wildlife they support.  This base record will allow the community to track how many ponds are added or lost and any changes in the wildlife in the area. I can survey Stanhope ponds and suggest or help with maintenance schemes.  In the longer term I would also like to create some new ponds for both wildlife and the community. 


  Contact Details

   If you know of a pond, I would love to hear about it.  Please contact me (Donna Popplewell) on 01233 332590 / 07865 082696 or donna.popplewell@gmail.com to report a pond, for pond related advice or just to find out more about the scheme!

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 Pond Warden Documents                                                

 Click on the link below to access a poster on the Pond Warden scheme. This can be printed and displayed in Stanhope schools or organisations.  


  1. Pond Warden Poster